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Build up your revenue figures associating with our e-commerce web design company.

Think Profits is a renowned e-commerce designing firm based out of Vancouver. Its specialty area of operation includes website development, digital marketing and e-commerce designing. We are proud to be associating with the three leading e-commerce platforms. 

Our reputation as an ecommerce website development agency has been on the rising part of the curve. We are overwhelmed to extend service to a wide dimension of industries namely Retail & Services, Manufacturing & Distributions, Travel, Hospitality and Education.

E-commerce Solutions

Our company has successful solutions to develop ecommerce and shopping cart software for online businesses.

CMS, WordPress, Drupal

We develop content management systems (CMS) to enable you to manage site content effectively.


Our team develops custom solutions for Intranets & Extranet development, Sharepoint integration and knowledge management.

Facebook Applications

We are a leading application development company offering Web, Mobile & Facebook App Development services.

Email Marketing Solutions

We create best-in-class email marketing software to create, send and track email campaigns that will earn results.

PHP and JS Development

We provide software development services in: PHP, Drupal, Python, JavaScript/ jQuery and other modern technologies.


E-commerce solutions


Websites for TOP 500 companies


Complex intranets for corporations


Popular Facebook applications


E-mail marketing strategies


Experienced Web Development Ninjas

Effective Web Development Solutions

Cross-platform and responsive web development

We sternly believe that size really does not matter when performance is the main hero. Thus whether you possess a small family business or are an owner of an enormous commercial venture with a robust product list and complementary shipping necessities, we are here to get you the very best e-commerce solutions. Additionally your customers are sure to be enchanted with the smooth shopping expedition on your website.

Secured testing environment for your web project

Our eCommerce designing team is well known to construct well-running e-commerce sites compatible with desktops and mobile devices and perfectly fitted to find its place on the very first page of search engine results. We carefully input email marketing campaigns and web video production with the functionality of our conversion masters and search engine optimization maestros to get running the SEO web development process. In simple words, we work day in and out to make our clients’ websites portray a captivating look and earn good revenue!

Effective Web Development Solutions


E-Commerce website designing and development

Let us help you get your business online and grow it with passion

We are confidant to work with your team and put to optimum use the expert and experienced knowledge set of our web designers to line a well structured ecommerce website sure to suit your requirements. Whatever be your need, including full time or marginal assistance Think Profits is definitely the most trusted partner you will ever come across.

Vancouver e-commerce web Development Company:

We have proudly associated with wide spectra of business personals creating landmark in varied industrial platforms. Our USP of work lies in our extension of tailor made and customised output to lucidly fit your company’s targeted needs.

Most business houses have a well conceived idea of how their online store must look like. But lack of technological expertise and constraint in time hinders them to get the desired output. We can convincingly fulfil your demand of a freely navigational e-commerce site complemented with the proper hind of professional appeal and security assurance. Our team of well established digital marketing developers, designers and strategists are ever ready to deliver you an optimum e-commerce platform to suit your business’ targeted requirements.

Our stock of shopping cart solutions and product catalogues facilitates you to line your desired ecommerce store with accomplishment. Varied range of temples and extensions will surely take up the visual appeal of your e-store by many heights.

The Think Profits e-commerce designers are proficient in creating advanced templates utilising CSS and HTML. Thus topping the trending chart is no more a big deal.

Our Vancouver e-commerce website designing company take up the complete charge of lining responsive website design that is beautifully bricked with great looks and easing out the purchasing formatting. Thus your customers can easily tap you in online mediums and purchase your outputs in a hustle free style.

Your wish to convert your website into a warehouse of e-commerce revenue is no more a farfetched dream with Think Profits by your side. Our vibrant range of e-commerce solutions is sure to cater to your demand with bright colours. 

Ecommerse Solution, our top three functional e-commerce solutions to empower your e-commerce store:

  • SHOPIFY: It is a path shower in the elementary B2B commerce. It is well endowed to fetch you all the essential elements you would need to built, design and manage any form of online commercial venture. Its wide platter of features and functionality along with free and lucid user experience has endorsed Shopify’s name as one of the leading e-commerce platforms in bright font.
  • WOOCOMMERCE: The WordPress e-commerce plug in namely Woocommerce facilitates you to completely keep track of your products in the online platform and sell them with effect. This plug in is very popular owing to its tailor made and feature enriching offerings. The Plug-in is instrumental in altering your WordPress website to an optimally and enchantingly functioning online store.
  • THINK STORE: Think Store is the perfect companion for the businesses which has commenced operation very lately and are constrained with limited budget set. The process is as simple as dragging and dropping already lined temples and creating your own e-commerce websites. You can successfully build a captivating website in as less than an hour with the Website Builder. Make optimal use of the designs complementary with your industry and subsequently customise them to reflect your unique idea.

Our experts are here to lighten your clarity regarding which platform is to suit your requirement. Our ecommerce experts possess expertise knowledge of all the platforms with precision and are instrumental in extending impeccable assistance all through the ecommerce design expedition.


Option 1: Minute based service (Monitored every minute- Prepaid Term)

This option is promoted on the basis of per minute calculation. We track the servicing utilising our super speciality rate cards. When your labour block signals a depletion in balance, one of your representatives will timely contact you and suggest you in adding additional time blocks as per your requirement.

Option 2: Minute Based monthly support plans (Monthly Terms)

This option is extremely popular among clients owing to its economical appeal. It pinches your pocket with smaller holes as compared to hiring a full time staff to troubleshoot domain & hosting activities, send & replay on the emails and efficiently work on the websites. This monthly support plan is designed especially for the clients in need of support and efficient training services to stretch for over the entire year. Clients optimally use the program for their monthly blog posting, content development, social media posting and even email marketing functionalities. All the monthly support plans are clearly monitored using our rate cards. Clients with more requirements exhaustive of their monthly plans can conveniently add a marginal time block or even opt to keep a percentage of work to be completed in the next month schedule.


Channel your website vies to fully fledged conversations and capitalise them to prompt leads with our Live Support Chat Services


Reach out to your customers faster:

It is a good idea to track some extremely important data like the number of your present website visitors, the number of customers desiring assistance or is in need of some of their queries to be resolved. What about the scope of setting up a lucid communication with your entire pool of website visitor? The Popular Chat Services facilitates you to accomplish this very task. The Chat services bridges the gap between your website visitors and you. Thus this convenient and direct communication platform cuts the risk of losing prospective customer at any instance of the conversion process. Customers are sure to be impressed with the prospect of engaging directly with your expert team. The real time Live Chat empowers you to extend good quality service and further enhance the dependence of customers on your services and products. Thus ensure your precious presence and credibility adopting the instrument of Live Chat!


The plus of Live Chat on your website:

  • Reach out to customers without the waste of time
  • Extend good quality service
  • Silver line customer relationship
  • Engage lucidly with your website users
  • Enhance the sales figure
  • Increase the conversion ratio

Think Profits has put in great effort in presenting to you strong suit chat services software for your website. If you are keen on integrating live chat facility on your website, but are stumbling on how to commence the implementation of the technology, Think Profits is just here to assist you with the perfect solution. Our seasoned staff celebrated for their friendly approach of work, is ever ready to offer superb chat services software, which is sure to satiate your requirement. Further we are responsible enough to comfort your entire staff base and make them conversant with the live chat solution. Thus trust us to inject confidence in your team to make feasible usage of the technology boom!

Enhance your website’s performance integrating the chat services provided by Think Profits!

The benefits of our chat service software might not be explicit but is surely studded with hidden spark. The followings encompass the advantages of live chat software which is sure to give you overwhelming results.

  • Optimise on time: Chat services are smart enough to save a substantial part of employees’ precious working time. Various customer service enquiries can be effectively and timely settled through live chat. The resolving of queries that once took as much as 10 minutes duration phone call with notable hold times can now be settled over chats in no time, all thanks to the live chat software. Thus it can notably save a lot of time and phone expenditures reducing the cost of productions by massive margins. Another added benefit of live chat is that the specialised live chat representatives can address various live chats simultaneously. Thus more visitors’ disputes and queries can be handled even in an extremely time crunch situation.
  • Gives you a competitive edge: The facility of immediately communicating with a website visitor empowers you to settle sales by higher percentage. Thus you surely can beat your competitors with greater margin. In circumstances where your customers project questions that could actually settle sales, your quick wittiness to answer the queries in a paced manner is sure to keep you under the spotlight.
  • Comprehend your customers issues like never before: Live chats facilitate you to know your customers in and out. With the online chat facility you are sure to bag real time information as to what impresses your customers and which products are just not his cup of tea. If your are bombarded with repetitive questions revolving around a particular point like say the check out process, you are immediately alerted about your lacking area demanding immediate attention.

It can fit your needs: If you are haunted by the thought of whether live chat is suitable for your business, we are happy to present to you our wide platter of live chat solutions compatible with companies of all dimensions. Think Profits is energised to offer its bundle of live chat solutions that is definite to suit wide requirement and budget levels of the clients. Feel free to contact our Think Profits team at once to adopt this superb feature and witness more business heights.